Hope Begins

Hope Fulfilled:

Tracing Themes in Biblical Theology

The Entire Bible is About...

…Jesus. This is not always immediately obvious at a verse-by-verse level. Yet as we learn to look, we will find the deepest theological message of almost every passage in the Bible points to our Savior. These messages are like small streams that meet and combine to form themes that flow through the fascinating landscape of Scripture like mighty rivers. This book traces a few of these themes to see them fulfilled in Jesus, and to show how their current carries us toward even greater future culmination. Read this book to get a new perspective on the Bible, bolster your faith, and strengthen your confidence that one day we will have our every Hope Fulfilled.

Hope Begins is book 1 in the Hope Fulfilled: Tracing Themes in Biblical Theology series. Read about a seed of hope; a promising new generation; our perfect prophet, priest, and king; dueling serpents; and discerning good and evil.



Harold J. Berry, ThM, DD

Scott Edgren’s independent study has given new insights into the Scriptures. Especially significant in this regard are chapter 2 (“Toledot: A New Generation”) and chapters 6 and 7 (“Dueling Serpents” and “Discerning Good and Evil,” respectively). Readers will grow in their appreciation of the riches in the Bible as they read Hope Begins.

It was my privilege to have Scott as a student when I taught at Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska. I have followed his ministry in Ecuador and am now especially pleased to recommend his book, Hope Begins. As the Apostle John wrote, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

Graeme Goldsworthy, PhD

The study of the work of Christ under the headings of Prophet, Priest, and King, has a venerable history reaching back to the careful analysis of John Calvin and even before him. But, I venture that it has never been done like this study, which employs a sound method of biblical theology.  Edgren takes the widest possible biblical context for the Old Testament themes that lead us to Christ; he begins with the initial promise in Genesis that generates hope for a fallen race. This work is a refreshing, and non-technical, approach to the fulfilment of the offices of the Israelite mediators of God’s word, redemption, and rule. It will repay the reader with many insights into how the discipline of Biblical Theology works and what its benefits are. It will also enrich you with a deeper understanding of the gospel of what God has done for us in Christ. 

Stephen G. Dempster, PhD

Many readers of the Scriptures have no idea of the larger Story Line of the Bible—they are not able to see the forest for all the trees! Edgren’s book is a wonderful aid for helping readers to see the Bible’s Big Picture. It brims with insights and wonderful illustrations from the author’s own experience which help to make sense of many of the fascinating details of biblical revelation. It is communicated with a passion by someone whose exploration of the many trees of Holy Scripture has led him to a mountain peak, where he has seen the astonishing vista of the forest!